Mom Coming Home on Friday

After an incredibly frustrating two weeks in rehab at the nursing home, Mom is coming home on Friday. I've been driving back and forth to the nursing home daily, except for today. Her mobility has declined to the point that the aides are using the Hoyer lift at the nursing home for transfers. On a more positive note, we did a home assessment on Monday. I brought Mom home for a few hours and her physical therapist came with us. We did several transfers with the walker, and the physical therapist said that he hadn't seen her do as well in all the physical therapy sessions that she's had at the nursing home. It has been impossible to assess what her level of care will be when I get her home.

Her confusion has been up and down, just like her mobility. She is very much aware that she is coming home on Friday, though, and very excited about it. She is so worn out, that I expect she will do a whole lot of sleeping this weekend.

We also have an appointment in the big city with a urologist on Friday for a full bladder workup to try to determine how best to prevent any more UTIs (three since January). This may involve intermittent catheterizations, or even a Foley catheter.

I'm looking forward to having her home, and knowing that she is safe. I'm also scared-- am I up for this? All of the ER visits, hospitalizations, and two nursing home rehab stays since January have really shaken my confidence.

We are continuing to look at the one adult family home in the area that has the staffing to handle someone with Mom's mobility issues.

I'll keep you all posted. Thanks for the support through all of this!

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