Mom is REFUSING to Go to Senior Day Care


Mom is REFUSING to Go to Senior Day Care

no-68481_640ew I mean literally refusing.

Laughing on the inside, I understand her concerns and questions and her being just plain tired of going.

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Caregiver Carolyn

Hi Robin, I am starting the Adult daycare with mother, and believe me she is not liking it before even starting. I refer to it as her class or therapy. She threaten me with lawyers and is keeping a demented log of everything that's happening to her. I told her that she will need to go because her doctor's has order it for rehab. I dont know how this is going to work. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


Thank you Jan. She normally likes it she is just a very paranoid person so now people there are talking and plotting against her. She was very stressed about not getting her bills done in time, ext excuse after excuse. Its okay they day was actually not half bad other than having to care give and chase a toddler.


Oh, Robin. I can sympathize with you so much! It was just this problem that drove me to this website in the first place. My mother wouldn't get out of bed when it was DayCare Day. Just plain refused. Yesterday she told me she wouldn't go back there because a man exposed himself there. I know that just isn't the case. The frustration of knowing it's what she needs but refuses to receive just killed me. I gave up. Found another solution. I'll be thinking of you.