Mom Makes Me Feel Guilty


Mom Makes Me Feel Guilty

ringing_telephone(Editor's Note: We welcome a new blogger tonight. You can connect with Carol Lynn on her profile: @carol-lynn.)

I'm doing my best for Mom. She feels depressed. It effects me. She hangs up on me when she gets mad. She  got mad today over nothing. She said her head felt like a balloon. I took her to her family doctor; she is in perfect health for 92. She said I have a right. It's her family doctor.

Help! Do I call her back?

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Hi Carol Lynn and welcome to this site! I care for my mom, who is almost 91. She too is in quite good shape for her age, and I think she hates being told that her eyes are fine and her stool is fine and her weight is fine and so forth and so on......she would prefer to focus on the stuff that's NOT fine (as far as she's concerned, nothing is fine). I look at the positives in her situation, as compared to other elderly carees I read about on this site, and in my job with our county aging office. I think she's got it pretty good, and I don't \"enable\" her complaining any more than necessary. At the same time, I'm 63 and in good health and can't put myself in her place and see life through her eyes. So I feel guilty all the time. Welcome to that club!


Hi Carol-Lynn--I'm glad you're blogging!\r\n\r\nCan you tell us more about the situation? Why did your mom get mad at you today? And, how long does she usually stay mad?