Mom Says She Doesn't Need a "Babysitter"


Mom Says She Doesn't Need a "Babysitter"

Janet_CabinetThis week didn't start out very well. We found out our caregiver from the licensed company found more hours somewhere else and she left us. :(. The new caregiver isn't bad just a little younger then the one we had.

So now my mom is not wanting anyone to come and--her words not mine--"babysitting her." I'm trying to tell her we can't leave her alone or that we can't make any appointments if she doesn't have caregiver for us. Her long-term insurance was approved but she has a 100-day deductible before they will start paying $85.00 a day. She said we are spending our inheritance and so I said I would rather spend on her than me. So she is not talking to me right now, but luckily my brother is taking her out to supper. Hopefully it won't rain before he gets here.

My younger brother just called and said I just got some baseball tickets and can I find someone else to take her to get her hair done. I said NO, you find someone, which he did. I just posted on Facebook that I wish my family that lives in our area would call and ask me if they could help instead of me calling for help.

I've attached a photo of a china cabinet that is about 90 years old. It had been painted black and my hubby brought it back to life. It's going to our cabin. I told my hubby that last week we looked like used car dealership with all the cars here. Now that some are gone we now look like a used furniture store.

Have a great weekend.

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Tell your Mom the caregivers are there more for you than for her and that you would just as soon spend your \"inheritance\" on this service right now. Love your cabinet, and good job in getting your sibling to pitch in:) Nothing like firm boundary lines...


I am so sorry - I just went through this with my Mom. You aren't alone!


Look at that wood! It is a piece of art. What a great job your husband did. Hope you have a better weekend finding some help.