Momma and Me Chasing Chicks


Momma and Me Chasing Chicks


chick-1202577_640(Editor's Note: We welcome @dereita, who cares for her dad and cared for her mom, to our blogging team today. Connect with her on her profile page: @dereita.)

Being Momma's caregiver was a blessing but sometimes harsh reality just sucked! I found that using my imagination with Momma gave me hope and fun times with her. It was how I ventured into the reality Momma was living during the days she wasn't present with me.

One afternoon, after being released from the hospital, her mind had her back in memories of the farm where she grew up. We were outside, she thought I was her sister or her little girlfriend, and we were chasing little baby chicks! I remember us scurrying all over the house picking up the little babies. Pretend for me, real for her. She showed me how to put them in my apron and how to shoo them to her. She'd catch them, hand them to me, and I was supposed to put them back in the barn. But they kept getting out! She blamed me for not closing the barn door right and would just fuss and fuss at me. It was hysterical! We laughed and chased chicks and laughed!

She was just like a little girl and it was so much fun for me to play with her! Her laughter, the look on her face when she fussed at me, how gentle she was with the pretend chicks. Never in my life had I seen anything so beautiful to me! Absolutely amazing! Just thinking about it makes my eyes fill up with happy tears!

Now I could've told her that there were no baby chicks, that it was her disease, her mind playing tricks on her. She wouldn't have believed me but I could've. But the way I saw it, what would have been the point of that? Momma was happy chasing chicks, having fun and I got to do something that not many of us get to do. No, not chase baby chicks! I got to make friends with the little girl my Momma used to be! I was so very blessed! 🐥

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Thanks Denise! It's good to be here.\nI wrote a lot when I was taking care of Momma. We all know how lonely caregiving can be sometimes so I made my journal my best friend. I shared everything with my journal, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Never blogged before or maybe I guess I've been a private blogger. Lol! \n\n


First, I'm so glad you are blogging!! I look forward to more blog posts.\r\n\r\nWhat a wonderful story! Sounds like you both paid a visit to your inner child that day. \r\n\r\nSo interesting that, in giving your mom such a good day, you gave yourself such a beautiful memory.


Such a touching revelation at the end...not many would have seen it that way. But what a blessing it was!