Momma and Me Feeding Crows


Momma and Me Feeding Crows

laundry-basket-282426_640Momma pulls hard on my arm. I'm lost in the laundry, the naked beds I stripped and the sinkful of dishes that need washing. She is persistent in her tugging. She wants me to stop what I am doing right now and go outside with her to feed the crows.

I walk with her out the back door and I'm surprised that the snow has almost melted. There is only a patch left on the back deck. There was more yesterday. The crows are cawing from the trees, anxiously waiting for Momma to feed them. It's something she loves to do. As I stand on that porch watching Momma throw out old crumbled up cornbread and day old biscuits to her crow friends, a part of me is wishing the snow would stay. And I'm suddenly aware that like this snow, my moments with Momma are melting quickly. But for this moment, we are together in complete contentment.

I've come to know that even in the rigmarole of every day living, we can and we must keep our heads up for gifts like this. The gift of a moment. My gift was being pulled to a porch drenched in sunshine and some leftover snow just for Momma and me and the crows.

Don't miss your gift of a moment just because it's hidden behind a curtain of drudgery.

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Your welcome Sally. \r\nThe love was easy to find. A lot of days I had to really search for the bright spot. But I always found one and I'm so very grateful that I did.


Wow. What a beautiful post. \r\n\r\nI love that you are sharing your treasures with us.