Momma's 11th Commandment


Momma's 11th Commandment


Y'all remember our Mommas always telling us to wear clean undies? It was like an 11th Commandment at my house. Thou shalt pay close attention to thy underwear.

This upbringing really came in handy as I became the mother and she became the child. She loved her panties, especially silky granny panties. I bought them in every color I could find for her, duplicates of most. The fancier the better. Momma enjoyed being dressed in her "Sunday go to meeting" undies. Of course that meant that her panties had to match her camisole. Red was her color of choice with leopard print being a close second.

Never once in all the years I took care of Momma did she ever put up a fuss about changing her undies. She might forget to put her clean ones on, but she never forgot to take the dirty ones off. As a matter of fact, I had just the opposite dilemma. She wanted to change her panties too often. I was thankful though, that she continued to wear them under her clothes.

Thinking about Momma and her love of fancy panties, especially clean ones, brought this story to mind. One morning, in first grade, I went to school without putting on the clean panties Momma laid out on the bed for me. I just wore the same ones I wore the day before. She came to school that morning, bringing my clean undies. My little mind just didn't get why she cared about my panties. Nobody sees them. What was the big deal?

When she realized that I wasn't panty-less, she just hugged me and said, "Honey-child, I thought you weren't wearing any panties! I'm not mad you're wearing your dirty ones, just glad you had the good sense to wear some. Let's get these clean ones on. Now aren't you glad you weren't in an accident."

"Ummm...I dunno, I guess so, yes, maybe, ohhh, I don't know."

This is what Momma always said about clean underwear, not once or twice, but a gazillion times. "Do you have on your clean underwear? If you ever get in an accident on the way to school or on the way home from school and an ambulance has to take you to the hospital, you don't want the doctors in the emergency room to see you're wearing dirty underwear."

I think her desire for wearing clean undies stuck with her. Those mean ol' tangles and the plaque in her brain from her Alzheimer's never robbed her of her clean panty mindset. I was very thankful for one less obstacle to navigate!

It's taken me a while but I think I finally figured out Momma's lesson with underwear. There's a hidden meaning for getting through life tucked in that clean panty rule. What people don't see about you should be just as good as what people do see about you. Thanks Momma!

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Love it, DeReita!!!


Oh I love this post. What great life lessons there are from the little things. I remember the \"day of the week\" panties all us girls had! Wish your Momma could have met my Mom. They both sound like hot tickets!