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angry_phone_callHey just a brief hey and how are you?

My life continues to be nothing but stress. Like I said on my last post, I finally got Dad home and it was good for like five days then everything went south again. Like I have said in the past, I don't have family support to take care of mom and dad.

My uncle, from whom we rent my grandmother's house, texted my Thursday night and said that he is starting eviction notice. Why doesn't anyone try to figure that is has been soooo hard to make ends meet while having to pay for motel room and food to be with my dad. My uncle has no heart and so now I am taking care of Mom and Dad both sick and looking for a new place to live and packing.  I am about to crawl under the bed and never come out.

I wish that it was mandatory sometimes for the ones who don't know how it is to take of someone or two someones for them to do it for like three days and see if the change their tune. So I am completely worn to nothing and it is affecting my health but I can't stop or we will have nothing and nowhere to go.

Please continue to pray and think of my family. I can feel your love and thoughts.

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Amy, I am sorry to hear that so much continues to pile up without relief. I hope you can join us for the chat tonight. I am praying that things turn around for you and your parents. (((Hugs)))

The Unit Known as Shandi

Amy, I am sorry to hear that things are so tough for you and your parents. I understand about feeling the weight of the world (and the family) on your shoulders. I have to agree with Gail and Denise about joining the chat tonight. There were several times when I was caring for Mom that Denise helped me when I was so overwhelmed that I didn't feel like I could see what my next step was. It helps to have someone else's perspective. I am sorry that your extended family isn't more helpful. Hang in there, and we are all behind you. You aren't alone, even though it feels like it sometimes.


Hi--<a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@gail</a> has a great idea. Can you make our chat tonight at 7 p.m. CT? Just go here:\r\n\r\nYou need a plan. We can help you figure one out. :)


Amy: I'm sorry you are going through so much without help. I can't imagine trying to handle such a heavy load. I know what it is like to want to crawl under the covers and stay there. I hope and pray you get some relief. I find coming here to be so helpful--to vent, for suggestions, kindness, support and so much more.