More Tired


More Tired

800px-Flat_TireWhew, we have had visits from the visiting nurse, visiting doctor, visiting social worker and the physical therapist.

The Palliative Care Department of our HMO sent all these nice people out for my husband. This saves us from having to get hubby up, dressed and in his wheel chair, get out the Hobi Stair Climber, hitch the wheel chair to it, take him down the stairs and into the car then drive to. Well, you get the idea.

I appreciate the program but why have I been feeling more tired after their visits than I do when we take him in? Oh, Hubby's asleep now so I think I will take a nap too.

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I think it's exhausting to adjust to new routines, new people, new policies. When you add help, it's a change. I think the tiredness will ease. \n\nI am soooo glad to hear about all your help, though. You deserve it!

Anthony Zullo

Michelle\nNot sure we've met but I know exactly what you mean. My husband had had them for the past 2 weeks. Good luck with everythkng . nice to meet you