Morning Thoughts, Nov 14, 2016


Morning Thoughts, Nov 14, 2016

Morning_Mist_RoseMy sweetie’s life span is only one moment long. That is the beauty and the pain of the disease of Alzheimer's.

Within the concept of living in the moment we have found peace. Mindfully, we accept what the two of us are experiencing within this moment. We are aware of the beauty of this moment we have together before we part.

We are grateful for this final honeymoon period when we have time to enjoy our love for each other. We are ready to allow each other to go and follow a new path.

Our time together (our final Honeymoon) is ending and we are parting but our love for each other will not end. We have new adventures ahead of us -- new mountains to climb -- new dragons to slay.

But for now we have today, and each other. We will not waste it. We will rejoice and be glad!

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\"Final honeymoon\"... what a lovely sentiment.