Moving Forward


Moving Forward

clock-244217_640Today, Mom and I took my son to the orthodontist. She read a book on her Kindle (and told me about it afterwards!) for the hour while we waited, and I graded papers on my computer. Then we went to the all-you-can-eat buffet and ate way too much but enjoyed it. I did more grading at home then crashed until Anthony came to tell me Mom needed to talk to me.

Mom wanted to tell me about a call from the doctor's office. When I saw the doctor on Monday, she was going to make the call the next day, so I've been a little anxious waiting for it. It finally happened and Mom wanted to tell me about it before she forgot the details. She was kind of fuzzy about it, but everything was clear by the end of the conversation.

HER: I got a call from Dr. Smith and it was about seeing another doctor. I don't remember the name, but her office is going to call back in a few days with an appointment.

ME: Okay, I'll make sure to get that on my calendar.

HER: She said she thought it would be no problem for me to drive if you have a work situation.

ME: Well, I bet I can arrange it, especially since it'll be a new place you haven't been before. So, did she say why she wants you to see this doctor?

HER: She did, but I can't quite remember. Let me see, first she asked how my leg was doing and I told her what the orthopedist said. Then she must have asked about my memory because I told her what happened the other night with the container of food - I still can't get over that! But she said that didn't sound like anything to worry about. And then she said she wanted me to see this doctor - it's someone I've seen before about my throat.

ME: So, is this referral about your memory, do you think?

HER: Well, she asked if it was okay with me, and I said it was fine. Maybe he can do something to make it better that hasn't been tried before.

ME: Well, that sounds good.

HER: Oh, and the doctor also wants me to stop taking Simvastatin.

ME: Okay. Do you know why?

HER: I think it's for my cholesterol, so maybe something is my bloodwork showed that I didn't need it. Or maybe it's something about side effects. . .

HER: Well, that must be the reason. I sure hope getting off of it will help!

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Well, LM, I think you are doing all of this so well. I think it's awesome you saw her doctor and that the doctor made the referral to the neurologist. With more information, you'll both be able to navigate what's next.\r\n\r\nThank you so much for keeping us posted. I hope you all had a good weekend.