Moving On


Moving On

road-569335_640Well, it's been a month already since Tony passed.

Now it's time to be moving on. I know some will think, Oh, so soon? I say yes because I feel the day Tony went into the nursing home was when he really left me.

I was so upset and knew he would never be home again.

So I've made some decisions in the past week for me, how hard it is. I've decided to stay in our apartment. I'm just not ready to move yet. I decided to go back to work part time and to take advantage of any opportunity to go out. However it does seem strange to go with no worries.

So now moving on to whatever life brings to me.


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You make good decisions, Kaz, and you will continue to make the best decisions you can. Know that we're moving on at your pace right with you.


Thank you for bringing us on the journey. It is good to hear you have been able to make some decisions.


There is no right or wrong time when your heart leads. Hugs and Prayers Kaz as you begin \"moving on\". \r\nI appreciate you continueing to share your journey with us.


Hi Kaz, it's good to hear about how you are processing. I can't imagine how you were able to let go. I want to wish you well in stepping into the workplace and beginning a new chapter. You are so strong! (((HUGS)))