Music Doesn't Soothe Everyone


Music Doesn't Soothe Everyone

Another thing gone. For years we've had mini season tickets to our symphony. Last night was the final performance of the season. It was also the last time I will be able to take her.

Worked for over a week to get our seats moved from the balcony to floor seats, arranged to be let in by a side door so Mom wouldn't have to walk far as she refuses to use her walker and I was making her as she's been wobbly all week.

Before the concert, we went to McDonald's for dinner where she refused to eat.

Got to the performance hall and seated. They made us check her walker. Our seats are down front, walker now in coat check WAY back at the venue's entrance.

She was anxious, wouldn't listen to the music she loves, staring at the other patron in our row, pretty much made it impossible to enjoy the concert.

So at intermission we have to leave. I go to get her walker, gone maybe 2 minutes, turn around and YUP she's on the floor because she wouldn't stay in her seat, got up and fell. As always fell backwards. Sure, if we'd been able to keep the walker (which folds up) she wouldn't have fallen but they had bent over backwards to rearrange our tickets and accommodate her needs.

Thanks to the help of strangers and a guy I used to be in choir with (had to give that up to this disease) I was able to go get the car and get her home.

Will not be able to attend a concert again. Little by little my life is being sacrificed to her illness. Damn it.

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Kat, I am sorry. The losses hurt and to have the frustration you experienced on top of it.