My 90-Day Weight Challenge


My 90-Day Weight Challenge


I've had it with my excuses; I've had it with feeling lousy; I am in control of my own destiny!  This yo-yo weight gain-weight loss has to stop. Who is the one that can do this? ME, only ME. Do I need encouragement? Yes I do!

08_11 August 11, 2013: 254 lbs

We are 90 days out from our 1st Annual Caregiving Cruise and I want to fit into the most meaningful piece of clothing that I own, my Purple Jacket. 

The Real Purple Jacket and Bow Tie

There really is a Purple Jacket and as evident by the picture above and the picture below:

The Purple Jacket Circa 2006

The purple jacket signifies a beautiful time in my life while caring for my friend Father Richard Orlando. Prior to taking on the role of his caregiver, I worked hard to lose 100 pounds.The purchase of 'The Purple Jacket' was totally out of character for me because I would never have worn something like that when I was so heavy. Now, it simply does not fit!

The pictures tell the story; the round and bloated face is reappearing...

cjm-big (2) 2003

CJM-Small(2) 2006

08_11_13. August 11, 2013

Family caregivers often lose sight of themselves while in their role of caregiver. While that is a common trait, the one person who wants you to take good care of yourself is the person you are caring for. I know that is what is prevalent in my home!

As much as I want to swirl my Caregiving Cape (admit it, you know you have a Caregiving Cape, too!),  I can't bring Father Orlando back, nor can I take away TLO's esophageal cancer. But I can control how I feel, what I say and what I do to make myself healthy.  I owe is to myself. Imagine that--a family caregiver taking care of himself! 

So here is the plan:

  • Eat Less > Move More

  • No more processed food

  • No more power eating

  • Healthy Mind Set

  • Work with my trainer David Levison

  • No more excuses

  • Chart food intake and exercise on My Fitness Pal

  • No more eating out

  • No more short cuts

  • Walk, Bike Ride, or Swim every day

  • Connect Body, Mind and Spirit

Where you can help:

  • Encourage Me

  • Challenge Me

  • Be With Me

  • Join Me

  • Follow my progress

  • Join us on our Caregiving Cruise

The first few days this week I am going on a 'cleanse' by getting the toxins out of my body with lots of water, fruits and exercise. In fact, as soon as I hit the publish button, I am going for a walk with my new shoes!

I want to be able to wear my Purple Jacket on our Caregiving Cruise in November but most of all, I want to be fit both mentally and physically for my own well-being. In order to 'Be A Healthy Caregiver' we have to take care of ourselves, too! I've dropped the ball over the past few months, the past few years now I am ready to go. One of the last things Fr. Orlando said to before he died was, "Don't put that weight back on!" The only one who can make this happen is me. If I can learn to take care of myself as well as I take care of TLO, I will be in tip-top shape before I know it!

You see, we might have Cancer, But Cancer Does Not Have Us!

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I've kept the lights on for ya at MFP!\r\nIf I can fit back into my beaded vest (which I finally have -- and danced in it, too!), then you can and <i>WILL</i> get back into your purple jacket! :D\r\nAs I wrote on my MFP profile when i started there, thanks to you -- \"I've done it before. I WILL do it again!\"\r\nYou've got this. :-)