My Application Proclamation


My Application Proclamation

oclamation" with eyes closed. But when my eyes opened, as always, there lay the hated literature, several pages thick, and full of personal questions I normally try not to think about, let alone put in black and white for strangers to feast upon. It feels like opening all the curtains at night, instead of closing them. An open invitation for peeping toms.

But how does one avoid this privacy invasion? I tried for several days this time, putting it off as long as I could. Oh, I know, it's not just caregivers who are bombarded with this dreaded process. Those in education, jobseekers, parents, just about all of us, at one time or another get lost in the paper trail. Actually I think of it more like an avalanche.

But for once, this application did not seem so overpowering, as I actually undertook the project one morning when my mind and mood were the prettiest. I really zipped through it pretty fast. In record time, I would say. I had to go back over it a time or two, just to make sure I didn't miss anything. Most of the pages must have been instructions, which I usually pass over, unless totally baffled over some item on the form.

So, I hurriedly shoved it into the self-addressed and stamped envelope (a very friendly way to send an application to someone, by the way) and got it in the mailbox, before I had time to mull over the time and effort spent. Even though I'd admitted it was minimal this time.

About a week later we got the word that our bathroom modifications are approved and financed and we will enjoy our new walk-in shower by the end of November. Even as the contractors are slaving away to get it installed, I will gloat over my very important contribution to the project. Facing my fears and filling out those dumb forms.

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That's awesome about the shower!!! I also loved your phrase \"when my mind and mood were the prettiest.\" I'm going to try to figure out when that is for me. :)\r\n\r\nThanks for giving us hope that an application can bring good news.


Hurray! Such a good decision to seriously tackle it when your \"mind and mood were the prettiest\"! Living with No Regrets! I know you will enjoy the new shower!