My Big Toe


My Big Toe

footIt looks good for an update to actually have something new going on. But the glorious fact is that there is not much new going on in this household. Dean's getting pretty stable on his new medicine. We can actually see him interact with our preschool granddaughters without blowing up and using profanity. You have no idea how much a blessing that is. Especially since I've been babysitting them almost every day now.

The only other change to report would be with my big toe. It's not curving in like it was since I bought myself a "bunion regulator" (like a brace to wear on your toe at night). When it said on the package, "an alternative to surgery", I GRABBED it off the shelf! As you know, it may sound like a little thing to some--rejoicing over a big toe. But to a caregiver, it means all the world!

This might just be my "stay out of hospital" ticket.

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First, Happy Mother's Day!!\r\n\r\nAnd, second, sooo glad you found a solution that will keep you at home and in the game. :)\r\n\r\nAlways great to read your updates.


I Can agree with you, caregiver do anything not to be in the hospital .