My Caregiving Story


My Caregiving Story

I'm honored to be featured in the Time Counts campaign, a special initiative created by Embracing Carers. You can hear my story and meet my parents, below.

Through the Time Counts campaign, Embracing Carers hopes to tally up one million minutes to help for family caregivers. Sean Hayes also shared his story in order to bring awareness to the campaign. Check out all the Embracing Carers videos caregiving stories.

We filmed on Memorial Day of this past year when my parents were 87 and 84. (They've since turned 88 and 85.) I hope you enjoy!

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Denise, ditto on what Jan said!


Denise, finally had a minute to watch your video and meet your family. What a special experience after all these years, to see your parents and siblings; hear their voices and see all of you in your private spaces. A great video, and as with everything else you do, you are an excellent spokesman for the effort. \r\nGuess I have another item on the to-do list today!


Thank you for sharing this, Denise. I really enjoyed viewing the video. It was inspiring and lifted my spirits.


Thank you for sharing your family with us. I always marvel at how many caregivers, inspired by their own journeys, start businesses, open websites, write books etc. to be of service to those coming behind. Can that be said of other human endeavors?


This was a wonderful video, Denise. Glad to have “met” you parents and your family. Thank you for all the support, resources, and care that you give, not just to your parents, but to this community—and to me. \r\n\r\nMike