My Cat and Other Stuff


My Cat and Other Stuff

Y'all I have a black cat who is over 10 years old and looks like a scrawny alley cat. He likes to roam around the neighborhood and is popular with everyone. But, there is a man who lives alone and has cluster migraine headaches and my black cat, Max, loves him better than any of us. I came home today, turned to take the street leading down to our trailer and ahead of me this dude is putting everyone's trash cans back in their yards because the trash truck came earlier. My black cat, Max, is independent, walks to the beat of his own music yet there is he following that man around like a little puppy dog. I was blown away. This guy already has a cat who is not friendly to anyone in particular and certainly not going to allow another cat in the house. If Max could live with this guy I would let him. I love Max to pieces but a love like that deserves to be honored. Max thought I had come to take him home. He went and laid down on my friend's back steps and looked away. I think cats believe we cannot see them if they turn away from us. My grey cat turns his back to me when he is angry at me. But, I don't care. It is healthy to have a little attitude. I have attitude and it is a bit larger than the "little" part. My pets teach me about love and acceptance and tolerance and faithfulness and loyalty. I threatened to give them all away this week. None of them paid me the first bit of attention. So, I left Max at his true love's house. I will get him later. He loves me but he isn't thinking about following me around. Well, unless I have tuna or cat treats or he thinks I am going to let him out the door. He has his priorities.

Why am I writing about my cats in this blog? Because in the difficult and heartbreaking world of watching someone I love fade away these cats provide me with relationship, with the opportunity to get out of my own head and to vent frustrations as I clean litter boxes, pick up items from the floor and wake up to find two of them draped across me sleeping along with me. I often wake up with the grey cat sitting on my chest with his face inches away from mine. He has very long whiskers. They tickle my nose. His eyes are huge and green. He puts out his paw to touch my hand letting me know he would like some love. And, this reminds me that I need to put out my hand and let someone know that I need love. I need to know it is o.k. and that there are people in my life that will, like myself with the cats, reach over and love on me.

Still, they are close to becoming our Saturday night dinner. Yummy! Cat stew! Where is that meat cleaver? Here kitty, kitty!

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Thanks for sharing about your kitty's Annc..... Pets can be such a comfort during caregiving!

Lillie Fuller

I love this post! You know we have a group \"Caring for Pets\". I know how you feel about your feline family because that's how I feel about my canine family!


I understand! It's why I take in orphaned puppies that need to be hand fed through the night. I don't need more care giving, but they take me completely away from the human emotional messes.