My Diagnosis


My Diagnosis

medical-563427_640I saw my doctor today to talk about my back pain. She had some Xrays done, and it turned out to be multi-level arthritis. It's not nearly as bad as I was expecting. Evidently, I can keep lifting weights and throwing, and the pain can be managed with physical therapy and yoga. I have to remember to stand up and stretch my lumbar region and hamstrings a few times during the day, and I'm waiting for my first PT appointment to be made.

*thankful prayers*

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Well, that must be a great relief. Pain from the forces of gravity. Hope your plans for PT are successful and you can redirect that energy into something new.


<a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@tcbarrett3rd</a>, good to hear that you are taking care of yourself.


Good for you, Tom. Arthritis is no laughing matter, I know, but it could be worse as you said. I have it, not in my back (yet) but shoulders, hands and knee. All drs. say exercise, exercise.... I do, but it hurts and at times that Alleve just doesn't work well. Just knowing the results helps tremendously. Thankful prayers joining you for you and your issues. We don't have to look far to know how blessed we are. :)\r\n\r\nAngie