My First Blog Reflections


My First Blog Reflections

As I reflect on my caregiving journey with my mom I am filled with sadness, joy and peace.  I was diagnosed with Crohns in 2006 before my mom had a stroke.  She prayed everyday and did everything  to help me regain my independence.  Although I still have days that have me down, I remember the love she showed me to get me through.  She is a praying woman who taught me to put my faith in God no matter what.

My mom had a stroke 9 years ago and it has been very overwhelming at times for me and my siblings.  I care for my mom long distance, I am the only one of her children that live out of state.  Mom is in a nursing home unfortunately due to the level of cares required. The one thing that keeps me going is my moms ability to still inspire me, her visitors and others in the facility.  She is unable to walk or talk she is tube feed and through it all she expresses joy through her smile.  She loves getting kisses, hugs and listening to her favorite gospel songs. When I reflect I am thankful for everyday she is with us. My mother is a living example of having faith even when you want to give up.  Growing up she always told us LOVE is a action word.

I want to relocate back to Milwaukee from Georgia but have been unable to make that transition thus far.  It is really hard for me sometimes because I miss just sitting in her room looking at her smile.  I also miss her calling me Trinagirl which is her pet name for me.  For me being present is better then any words that can be spoken.

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Trina Ricks

Thank you all for the support and love!


I thoroughly enjoyed your blog post. The love for your mother jumped right out of my laptop and into the room. Thank you for sharing and for honoring your mother with such beautiful words. You are a precious daughter.


Your mother sounds like a wonderful lady.


Thanks for sharing these touching reflection Trina. Its awesome to have someone so dear to you that is an inspiring example of how to live life.