My Hope for 2015


My Hope for 2015

Image-9I gave up on New Years resolutions years ago. Let's face it, in the daily situations that Mike and I face we're lucky to plan a day in advance let alone a year! I do, however, hold on to hope for the year. Hope doesn't require planning.

I hope for...

Improvement in Mike's health

Less infections

Less stress

Success at the gym/ pool (yes I'm sucking it up and in and getting into a swim suit)

More sunshine, less rain (literally and figuratively)

More fishing and camping

Success for all my friends in caregiving

Lots of laughter

Happy 2015 my friends, let's show this year who's boss!

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Hi Chris--I also hope your hopes become your reality. :)\r\n\r\nThanks so much for all you do here for us. I'm so grateful for all your help.

Lillie Fuller

Great post Chris! I pray all your hopes come true!!