My Husband Was A Middle-Aged Zombie


My Husband Was A Middle-Aged Zombie

lost-474124_640As I've written before my husband had a light heart attack a few months ago and for a while I watched him breathe constantly when he was asleep. I still do it at times but it's settled down a lot.

But a few nights ago we were in bed and I noticed he was cold and not moving and I couldn't hear him breathe, so I poked him...

"Did you feel me poking you early this morning?", I asked the Husband.
"No, why'd you poke me?"
"I couldn't hear you breathing and you were cold, so I poked you to make sure you were alive", I said.
"Was I? Did I move?"
"Yes, you were breathing but the first time I poked you, you didn't move so I poked you again."
"You know what to do from reading all those mystery novels, don't you?"

"Maybe I'm a zombie."
"Maybe you are."

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This is too funny.....just last night my DH lay so still and I couldnt tell if he was breathing. So I roll over & poked him several times to see if he'd stir.... he says \"why are you poking me?....I'm sleeping!\"


Oh Lisa! I needed that laugh! I know this is from 2014, but it's fresh!


I love these stories, Lisa, because I just love reading how much you and your husband love each other. Just makes me smile!