My Journey with Mom


My Journey with Mom

spaghetti-745468_640Most everyone who cares for an elder knows the struggles. "I don't want to eat that," "I don't like that." The struggle with meals and food. I don't know how much food we've wasted over the course of the months from June 3, when Mom came home from rehab, to today. We've argued, I've pleaded EAT! But we have it down to a routine. Now mind you, with a colostomy you have to be careful with diet, plus Mom has teeth issues from no brushing 79 days in hospital and most days on a respirator!

So she has the same thing every single day for breakfast and lunch.


Prune juice, water, oatmeal with light sugar and some fruit. Now mine you she'll eat ONLY bananas, melon, mandarin oranges, and applesauce so it's one of those!


Milk, tomato soup with basil, a dinner roll, and one of the fruits above.


One of the fruits above with water.


Usually it'll be homemade pork roast, baked chicken, spaghetti or pancakes and sausage. With the chicken or pork will be baked potato, boiled, homemade home fries, french fries or hash brown.  Now mom will ONLY eat beets, green beans in season, carrots, or cauliflower so one of those. With spaghetti she gets beef meatballs and fruit. Beverage will be prune juice or milk and water.


Prune juice or milk, and a fudgie bar, like a chocolate popsicle.

Yes she is diabetic but since she's been home with my meal plans, she does not need pills or shots and her sugar levels are usually 100 to 130!

I'm proud of caring for her and my biggest moment was when the doctor said her sugar is excellent with diet control.

My advice for those having food issues, find something they like and try to get a menu going. We vary a little, this week we'll have eggs and french toast one of the days!