My Marathon


My Marathon

shoes-1260718_640I've been battling a throat infection.

Thank goodness my parents live in an apartment in a retirement community and thank goodness my dad requested visiting nurses to help manage his yeast infection. They continue to receive what they need while I'm down.

Last week, I worked until I couldn't and then hit the couch, snuggled under layers of comforters. With cold water and hot tea at my side, I relied on my television's remote control to find me entertainment.

My entertainment became "Law and Order SVU" episodes. A marathon of them. For good measure, I sprinkled in episodes of "Gilmore Girls."

I love "Gilmore Girls" because the show's main characters, Lorelai and Rory, live in Stars Hollow, a fictional town in Connecticut, which looks so cute and fun. They live in a great old house, eat tons of food and never gain weight, and never wear the same outfit or carry the same purse twice. It's a modern day fairy tale.

My obsession with SVU gave me pause, though. Why would I watch episode after episode of cops facing the uphill battle of solving awful, horrifying crimes?

Because the end of every episode has, well, an end. And, in every episode, we know who the bad guy is. The lines are clear. Even when the good guys battle their demons, they stay on the right side of the good guy line. At the end of the hour-long program, I receive a complete story of good guys who, most likely, will overcome. Each week, these good guys are tasked with an unbearable responsibility and each week they figure it out. Justice isn't always served but the good guys enjoy victories, no matter how small, because I'm always cheering for them from my couch.

I think we all want a complete story and comfort that we, the good guys, will get the win. We want the bad guys punished. In caregiving, it can feel like the good guys sometimes become bad guys and the victory often slips through our fingers. And, it can feel like the bad guys never get their just desserts while we endure what we endure.

We all want to win the caregiving marathon. Sometimes, I feel better watching a win on television from my couch because I just can't find my caregiving win.

How about you? What's your marathon?

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I have been an SVU fanatic for years now…. I think I've seen them all!


I recently began watching some OLD tv, like Bonaza, Mannix, Gunsmoke and a few other from my childhood. Just Today I told that I think it is the \"good guy wins\" plots. With all the awful stuff in the world right now ... I just want some justice...!


I love to watch Bollywood movies or Anime- Japanese animation- with my daughter.