My Mom's Dying


My Mom's Dying

water-drop-164046_640Yesterday I went back to the hospital again, got there just as Mom was being wheeled into the pre-op. I followed in with Dad. The decision to amputate the left leg happened very quickly. One look at that leg and foot told me all I needed to know. My brother arrived soon after, and we sat down together to wait. The amputation took just under two hours. She woke briefly, fell back asleep, and after a couple more hours talking with my brother and Dad, I went home.

This morning, I returned. Dad and brother were already there. Mom had had a rough night. The right leg and foot were turning cold and grey, very quickly. The doctor met with us, explained how doing another amputation would not help, would in fact cause needless stress and pain for her. Quite simply, her body had taken as much as it could. And is now in the end stage, when nothing can be done for her beyond making her as comfortable as possible.

They've ramped up the pain meds in her IV. My brother is staying another night, Mom's sister is on her way from California. There's no time to take her back home or get her set up for hospice care there. She has about one day, maybe two, left in this world.

Dad asked for my input, should he keep up the dialysis? I told him honestly, it's not going to help anymore. It's over.

I am just so stunned right now. I don't know how to feel.

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comfort and peace to your friend..




Desiree, I don't know your story, and yet, I do. Whatever you feel, is right. Acceptance of what is, is a hard fought-for grace. Stay in the fight. Believe in Divine timing. Believe in yourself. And lean on the love of family and friends to help you come what may. God Bless.


Desiree, I am so sorry. May God comfort you and your family. I was thinking about you all day since your last post. I am praying for you.