My, My, Enjoying Moments, Twists, and Turns

landscape-690588_640No dogs, cats, or human pets.

But, I have acquired a personal shrink. Well she looks like a California Barbie Doll and is just too cute to be a minute over seventeen and she is just a student intern assigned to Rose Villa Continuing Care Community to get experience with us old folks dealing with dementia.

But for now I have someone to play and flirt with. I hope that I don't mess her up too much (I've made her tear up a couple of times). This caregiver label has some interesting side benefits.

Listen up Barbie Doll

You don’t have any answers,

In fact you don’t even know

The questions!


But then neither do I

Have any great insights

Into the mysteries of this

Invisible thing called the soul!


I am old with experience and wisdom

You are armed with the exuberance

Of youth and learning. So, shall we

Combine our strengths?


And quit looking for answers for

Those idle thoughts that should be

Replaced with no analysis,

Just an explosion!


Well, if we don’t have answers

Old man and Barbie Doll

And can’t define the question

What do we do now?


For me it's the Eagles line

Take it to the max, one more time

But what’s for you still must be

Written in the wind say Peter, Paul, and Mary!

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