My Survival Program


My Survival Program

My Sweet Elsie would be proud of my progress! I went to the Pioneer Center in Oregon City yesterday for a grief support group -- it was great.

Now I have the following on a weekly schedule:
- Three different Grief support groups meeting biweekly
- Three different AA Meetings
- Two yoga sessions
- Five demanding gym workouts at 2 hours each
- Eight hours of Blacksmithing at the Community College
- Spring motorcycle trip planning and organization
- Moving planning and organization

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Don, I am new here, so I'll apologize in advance if I haven't read between the lines correctly ... and for maybe skirting guidelines (if there are any) about giving/not giving advice.\r\n\r\nWhat I most want to say is that from my experience as a post- and current caregiver, as well as a former fitness trainer, your new \"schedule\" sounds overly ambitious. Especially: hard workouts, 2 hours in duration, daily. First, I didn't see listed \"healthy eating, ensuring sufficient and appropriate calories to support my physical activities.\" Even if you've been getting some regular exercise, it sounds like you plan to REALLY step it up. \r\n\r\nThis can make you quite vulnerable to illness, as it will break down your body and stress all your biochemical systems. You need REST and RECOVERY time! If you are determined to exercise daily, regardless of the duration, I urge you to heed proven exercise science guidelines: Do not work the same body parts two days in a row ... we build muscle during the recovery period, not during exercise itself! This applies to strength training: upper body one day, lower body the next.\r\n\r\nRegarding aerobic exercise: If you can separate cardio exercise from the days you do strength training, all the better.\r\n\r\nIt sounds like you've made tremendous progress in motivating yourself to resuming and to keep living your life ... just remember to take REALLY good care of yourself as you do so, 'k? Lynne


What <a class='bp-suggestions-mention' href='' rel='nofollow'>@mikelur</a> said!! Thanks for sharing your program, Don, because it helps another create theirs. It's spreading the hope. :)


We're proud of you, too, Don! Stay the course. It's going to be okay.