My Tender Moment with Mom


My Tender Moment with Mom

I am so sorry I haven't been online much. Things have been SUPER stressful as of late and both of us have been ill.

One day last week was SO stressful I ended up vomiting multiple times because my body literally could not handle any more stress. The VA is bound and determined to kill both Mom and me through stress!!!! I just know it!!!

But I did have a sweet tender moment with Mom a few days ago and I just wanted to share. Right after the very stressful day, early in the morning I went to check on her and she said she wanted to show me something. She grabbed her tablet and got onto Youtube (I am so impressed that she is able to do all of these things!) and took me to a video of Bette Midler singing "You are the Wing Beneath my Wings" and she said she was dedicating this song to me. I burst into tears. I gently laid my head on her shoulder and we both teared up as Bette Midler sang. What made is SO special is that is the song my brother and I dedicated to her when we were kids and every birthday and Mother's day we would play this song for her. She says now it is her song to me.

We both cried good sweet tears, first time in a very long time. It was such a special moment and I felt SO cherished and encouraged. My stress melted away. Such a precious few moments together. Just had to share and I want to encourage everyone here. You are appreciated for all you do, all the middle of the night emergencies, all of the clean ups, all of the sleepless hours, all of the behind the scenes jobs. All of it is seen and appreciated, even if it isn't voiced.

All of it is worth it in the end.

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Thank you


That's awesome, LH! You are right--those are the moments that make all the other moments worth it. Wishing you both more special moments today and every day. :)


I'm so glad you posted. Have been thinking of you and your mother and wondering how you two are faring. Sorry the stress-o-meter has been off the charts. What a sweet, beautiful moment that you can carry with you forever. Thank you for reminding me to always be on the look-out for those moments and to capture each precious one.


Thanks for sharing that private moment, and encouraging everyone through it. So glad for the two of you that you had it, and will hold it in your heart forever.


Oh, what a heartfelt moment to have and cherish. I love that song. A long, long time ago my best friend told me that song was how she thought of me. She died a month ago. I miss her so much. That song will always be special to me and makes me cry.

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