My Week Started


My Week Started

It's Monday evening and already has had a interesting day.

Saturday my nephew from Geogia came and got my mom's car and it was late so he came in and turned around to head back within a couple hours. I knew from the get-go it wouldn't go smoothly. First because in Alabama you have to have the title for the car to get a license. He came without a tag so we put the Florida tag back in it. He didn't have a hard copy of his insurance card. I knew this would also be an issue, so had him go in the internet and get a hard copy and got him on his way back to Alabama.

My nephew's father called Mom when she wasn't in a good mood so they had words and Mom hung up on him. My brother's wife called me and told me about the phone call and how it upset my brother and I felt bad for him but my sister-in-law said it wasn't for me to say sorry for my mom because it is his mom too.

Because of this call with my brother and my mom, my brother now sees what I put up with everyday and that I never know what's going to happen. I guess he appreciates it more now what my hubby and I have given up for my mom to live with us. My brother did call her this evening and everything is good now.

This afternoon I had words with my mom and I struck a nerve for at least a couple hours because she knows she said thing that she shouldn't and I called her in it.

My son and I had words this afternoon about us supporting him and his family and things they could do to save money but it was a waste of breath for me and waste of time.

Tomorrow is another day and more fun. We now only have one caregiver from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. because the long-term insurance hasn't kicked in yet and you would think Mom is poor as a church mice. But that is Mom.

Tomorrow I go back to physical therapy for my back. I gave it up when Mom fell and ended up in the hospital and rehab for last month. I put life on hold so now I have to restart my rehab on my back.

Well tomorrow is another day. Here is a picture of my loves of my life.


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Dear Janet, It is so difficult when family doesn't \"get it\" but when they do, Wow! I am hoping the memory of this situation stays with them in the next month and the next as you continue to be an awesome caregiver! I bet it feels good to have the car issue solved, sometimes we just have to help those nephews along then say nothing and just listen as family dynamics do their thing! Good job for hanging in there!


I read your post and I feel like I'm in math class watching a graph as it progresses, up and down, and finally edging up higher than it started. Good for you for hanging in there through it all and for persisting in getting what you need for yourself, too. I love the picture of your sweeties.