NCC17 Bold Video: Lillie Fuller


NCC17 Bold Video: Lillie Fuller

We’re going bold in anticipation of our Second Annual National Caregiving Conference!

The conference steering committee members have created videos about our conference and our bold moments. This year’s conference theme is our Bold Moments: Before, During, After. Lillie Fuller shares her perspective on our conference and her bold moment.

About Lillie Fuller

Lilie was raised in a caregiving family. Her parents each cared for their mothers and Lillie’s paternal grandmother lived with them. Lillie cared for her dad who had Parkinson’s and dementia. She is now the sole caregiver to her mom who is 90 and a stroke victim.Lillie joined in 2009 and very active for the past three years. She moderates the daily afternoon chat, the daily after-caregiving chat and volunteers as much as she can. She also a graduated in the first Certified Caregiving Consultant class. Lillie attended and volunteered time at #NCC16 and is proud and excited to be a part of the Steering Committee for #NCC17.

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Lillie, Wonderful video! You made me tear up watching it. Reach out at any time you need. Watching decline is never easy and I'm here if you need to simply talk about it. Regarding the conference, I so relate to feeling like your heart would burst. \"Wow\" is the perfect word for it.


You are awesome Lillie! Thanks for sharing your \"BOLD\" with us. Your love and caring devotion to your Mom is so touching! I appreciate all you do helping others, being there in chat for us with your wisdom....You are a truly inspiring friend I love & look up to.