NCC17 Interview


NCC17 Interview

(Editor’s Note: At our Second Annual National Caregiving Conference, volunteers acted as roving reporters, covering our conference sessions and interviewing our conference attendees. Michelle, who cares for her husband, came from California to volunteer as a roving reporter. You can connect with Michelle on her profile page: @michelle.)

I spoke to Jen Chan after lunch on the first day of NCC17. She was happy to be at the second conference to see all the friends that she made at the first conference. She was also enjoying the speakers and the sessions very much.

Jenn cared for her grandmother until her passing and is now the facilitator of a caregiver’s support group in San Francisco that serves the LGBT community.

We ran into each other again as Jenn was on her way to catch her plane. We discussed the role of the LGBT community in caregiving. She mentioned that often, especially in the Chinese community, LGBT people will, out of respect for their elders, choose not to demonstrate their lifestyles in front of the elders. She took a minute to take a selfie with me and she was off to catch her plane back to San Francisco.

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Andrew Kurtis Koch Koch

Love those beautiful smiles! Thank you for volunteering and thank you Jenn for advocating for LGBTQ+ populations!\r\n\r\nI cannot wait to see you both at #NCC18!


I LOVE your recaps, Michelle. It's wonderful to experience the conference through your interviews. I'm so grateful you joined us at the conference -- it was great to meet you. Thank you so much for all you do!