NCC17: Our Loss Is Our Gain Fashion Show


NCC17: Our Loss Is Our Gain Fashion Show

shoes-1260718_640In May, I wrote about the "Caregiving 15," the extra weight I put on when caregiving intensified for me in 2015.

I fear that the additional stress of organizing our National Caregiving Conference added even more pounds.

I need to drop 20.

So, my goal is to arrive at the Second Annual National Caregiving Conference 20 pounds lighter. I shared the goal with Tami Neumann (@tneumann) who said she's on board. Please feel free to join us! We're using the Fit Family Caregivers group to track our activity and goals. In 2014 and 2013, I regularly posted my activity to the group and the accountability really worked. In addition to supporting each other through our group, we'll also have regular chats to give and receive encouragement. I'll keep you posted when our chats will start.

Tami also suggested that we add another segment to our fashion show at the Second Annual National Caregiving Conference -- we show off our weight loss!

Whether or not you can join us for next year's conference and fashion show, I hope you will take part in our movement to get fit. I just posted my goal and commitment in our Fit Family Caregivers group:

My goal: Lose 20 pounds in the next 11 months.

My commitment: Daily exercise of at least 30 minutes. Eat healthy meals and snacks as often as possible. Watch my portion size. Stop eating when I’m full.

Once you share your goal, then share your activity in our December Forum. Tell us what you're doing each day to improve your health. You'll inspire us and motivate yourself.

Join me!


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Such a good idea. So my goal will be two fold. One, to actually attend next year's conference, and two, make my goal the same as yours Denise. Drop 20 pounds in the next 11 months. My exercise has been pretty consistently two days a week for an hour, but I need to step it up to daily. I'm with Tami tho, December will be for increased activity, then after January vacation, start on the dietary modifications.


<a href=''>@denise</a> I am so glad that you have roped me into this!!!! I think that this month will be the most difficult for me. SO many temptations. That is why my December goal is to get moving. January is when I plan to be more diligent about food choices. Here we go much success to everyone on this journey!