NCC19 Highlights: Rapping, A Lieutenant Governor Request, 15 Professors


NCC19 Highlights: Rapping, A Lieutenant Governor Request, 15 Professors

Some of our "First Timers" (attendees joining our conference for the first time) posed for a photo on Saturday before our day concluded. Photo credit: Elizabeth Miller,

Thanks so much to all who could join us this weekend for our Fourth Annual National Caregiving Conference. What an amazing, inspiring, comforting four days!

Each day brought an amazing moment that reflected our theme, Our Amazing Difference. On Thursday, one of our volunteers who signed up to be a Roving Reporter said to me after attending just four sessions: "I've found my purpose. I've found my new path forward." She and I are now in talks for her to perhaps become one of our first Caregiving Support Center franchise owners.

On Friday, IL Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton received a standing ovation after opening our day with a touching, real conversation about her experience caring for her mom and her insights into how we need to support family caregivers. She shared that caring for her mom left her feeling lost -- she couldn't begin to understand where to go for resources and felt she really was the only one. “When I was a caregiver I didn’t realize it was such a common experience," she shared. "I didn’t know what resources were available. I didn’t think anyone would connect with what I was going through.” (We'll post the Lieutenant Governor's speech as soon as the recording is available.)

The Lieutenant Governor asked us to capture ideas on what we can do to improve the lives of family caregivers. She will then share our ideas with her fellow Lieutenant Governors. (Have an idea? Please share in our comments section, below.) We'll keep you posted on the ideas we send and the next steps we take.

On Saturday, Rachel Hiles, who cares for her grandmother, and Jenn Chan, who cared for her grandmother, led us in a rap song about caregiving. Our youngest NCC19 attendee, Ava, joined them on stage. Ava also joined Rachel and Jenn on Friday afternoon during the rap-writing and rehearsal session. Watch a few moments of the rap, below. (You can purchase our NCC19 session recordings to get access to the full rap song and more than 60 conference sessions.)

On Sunday, we gathered to close out our conference and shared what we'll do differently when we return home. One of our volunteers -- a social worker and associate professor -- shared she will follow up with 15 professors at her university to bring a greater emphasis on the family caregiving experience to her department's curriculum.

Yesterday, one of our attendees posted about his experience on Twitter, which I think sums up how we all feel. I am so grateful to everyone who joined us who helped us create Oz:

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#OurAmazingDifference Anthem collectively written and performed live at #NCC19 Thanks to Mill for the fresh best and everyone who sang along!!!! Amazing Anthem - Lyrics Intro Hey caregivers, listen up! Whether you’re doing it out of love or getting paid And sometimes you feel invisible We’re here to let you know we see you and the amazing difference that you make Verse 1 At first shock and denial ain’t our friends, role reversal is hard to comprehend So much tougher than we ever thought We’re eager and ready to give it our best shot We stumble through our rhythms until we find our steady beat We’re brave and courageous souls even though we’re dead on our feet YOU make an a-ma-zing Difference everyday Difference everyday CARE-GIVE-ERS WE make an a-ma-zing Difference everyday Difference everyday Verse 2 *Over* time we grow becoming seasoned savvy pros We solve problems and lead strong care teams We deliver quality of life dreams we seize our days before they *seize* us We hold our caree’s trust We accept what comes our way and find some’n to treasure every day Verse 3 We are supercharged with compassionate power We’re mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, grandparents, friends, case managers, and health care providers We are over 40 million strong, our numbers are on the rise Let’s love and lift each other to bring joy to all our lives

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I love our team, effort, Joy!! I so love working with you! I am grateful for your friendship and your support!

Jenn Chan

Thank you!

Jenn Chan

Thanks for an inspirational conference!\n\nRachel - I had a blast creating the anthem with you. Edit repeat edit repeat!

Rachel Hiles

It was such a joy to work on this with Jenn and see this song come to life!!!!