Nearing the End


Nearing the End

sunset-49355_640It's been a long time since I've posted anything here.

It's been a tough year. My dad passed away in March at age 92. My mom (age 85, who has been disabled since having a stroke in 2005 and has lived with me since 2008) was diagnosed in the ER in July with sick sinus syndrome and went into hospice. After being discharged from the hospital she spent a week at a Community Hospice House (a wonderful place), then I convinced them to let me bring her back home. We were already all set up to care for her, with a special bed to transfer her from wheelchair to bed without lifting, wheelchair ramp, and caregivers who knew her (and more importantly whom she knew).

Her health has been continuing to go downhill since then, slowly at first and then more rapidly the past few weeks. At this point I think we're close (days/weeks) to the end. She isn't doing much besides sleeping, hardly eating or drinking, although she's usually in pretty good spirits when she is awake.

She has been ready to go for months (despite her difficulties in communicating after the stroke, she has made that clear) and my only goal now is to keep her as comfortable as possible. The hospice nurses who visit us are amazing, as are the caregivers who come in when I go to work, all of whom have been caring for my mom for years at this point.

I feel lucky to be able to have her at home, despite the challenges, and am hanging in there emotionally most of the time.

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I am so glad to hear from you, CIM, but I'm so sorry for such a tough year. \r\n\r\nIt sounds as if you are doing just what you hope to do--keeping your mom comfortable. It sounds so easy but it takes such a concerted, focused kind of energy to make that happen. I'm so glad you've got the support of hospice.\r\n\r\nKeep us posted as you can. Know we're surrounding you with our support and are here as often as you need to vent and share. Peace, my friend.