New: A Bible Study Chat


New: A Bible Study Chat

book-515081_640Last night during our members' chat, we shared what we enjoy reading which led to a discussion about reading the Bible. After I expressed an interest, @jvnewell (Jamie) and @pearlady (PL) both suggested that I download the Bible app and then follow a reading plan. I mentioned that I process what I've read in the Bible better if I'm part of a discussion group.

I think PL timed how long it took me to have the idea she already had: Let's do a weekly Bible study.

Rather than following a reading plan, Jamie suggested we select a book, read a chapter each week and then gather in our chat room for an hour to discuss what we've read. (Note: Our chat will last an hour but we're very flexible so know that you can come and go as necessary. If you join during our discussion, you'll be able to catch up because our chat maintains a record of our conversation. And, our chats are a benefit of a membership. Not a member? Create your free account.)

I'll share information about the chapter we're reading in our Bible Study Forum so you can decide if you'd like to participate. You can participate as often as you'd like--there's no commitment involved. The goal of our Bible study is to increase our understanding of the Bible and hopefully gain insights that can help us during our caregiving situation. Our Bible study is open to all and all are welcome. Our group will respect all beliefs and faiths.

I'd love to get a feel for the best time to schedule our Bible study. If you're thinking about participating, please let me know a time that would be good for you to join a chat.

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What about participating via the forum rather than chat? Or in addition to, for those that miss it? I know that would be easier for me.

Lillie Fuller

I'm 3 hours behind you so whatever you decide I will try to make.


Would love to do this. I would not like to do it after 5 pm as I am preparing dinner and relaxing after that. I tend to go to bed early so I can get a good night's sleep. Cyndy


Denise, I have a study bible for small groups if you want to use this I'll be glad to contribute it. Just let me know :)\r\nMy Sunday School class used it instead of the guided lessons at one time.


I think this is a great idea! I'd love to participate.