New Machines in the House = Distress :(


New Machines in the House = Distress :(

sky-314739_640Well, the home oxygen came for Mom today.

The guy was really nice and explained everything to me. After he left I went in to talk to Mom and explain the important parts to her.

I got the nasal cannulas on her and she said the air doesn't smell fresh - it smells like plastic. She doesn't want to wear it and just kinda threw the tubing to the side and rolled over and went to sleep.

I guess we will try again tomorrow. New things are hard to accept sometimes.

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hi Trish - thanks for the encouragement. I think she is getting used to the smell a bit, poor thing. She said her nose was irritated so I bought her some \"Ayr\" gel, that is the only thing that is safe to use with O2 (per the O2 tech) and that is helping the nose. She has started complaining that behind her ears hurts. I am going to look into the ear foam protectors- thanks for the idea!


I hope she gets used to it. Her comments_mysql remind me of getting started with my CPAP machine. It did smell weird and plasticky and it hurt my nose and I thought, I will never get a good night's sleep again ever. And now I can't sleep without it! So hopefully she'll get used to her oxygen too and come to enjoy the benefit.


Oh my goodness, I can sure visualize that picture. Good luck tomorrow.