New: Send a Hug


New: Send a Hug

300px-Love_heart_uidaodjsdsewI recently added a new feature for members -- you can now send a virtual hug to another member.

The new feature, a simple way to send a thoughtful note to a member, is easy to use. Simply visit the profile of the member to whom you'd like to send a hug or another message. You'll see "Send Hug" as an option just to the right of the member's profile photo. When you click "Send Hug," a dialog box appears with a choice of messages you can send, including:

  • Great blog post!

  • Great game! (Great to send to anyone who beats you at Solitaire or who wins one of our monthly Solitaire Showdown challenges.)

  • Good night!

  • Welcome! (An easy way to welcome new members.)

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Feel better!

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks for chatting!

  • Good morning!

  • I'm so sorry. (A comforting expression of sympathy when a member's caree dies.)

  • Checking in.

Give it a try! Visit our Directory of Members, click on a member and then send a hug or another good wish.

(Not a member of Create your free account and join us.)

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