Next: Brink, Great, Step


Next: Brink, Great, Step

footprints-4603_640Our next three words for our Community Caregiving Journal are:


You can write about each separately in three separate posts. You can write about all three in one post. Or, if you prefer, you can share your prose by leaving a comment, below. You can write sentences using all three words.

In essence, you can write about the words in the way that feels right for you.

Here’s how our Community Caregiving Journal work: Every Wednesday, I’ll post three new words for you to write about. Don’t worry about keeping up every week if that seems too difficult. Just write about any of the words whenever you can.

Any member of can contribute. When you write posts for our Community Caregiving Journey, select “Community Caregiving Journal” as the category. I’ve recorded a quick video which shows you how to start your blog and join our Community Caregiving Journal here.

Need help posting to the site? Just send me a private message through the site or send me an email. Not a member of Just join here. Worried about the privacy of your family and your caree? Simply create your account with a user name that describes you but isn’t your real name (like ejourneys).

Our journal complements your blog posts about your day. Keep posting updates about your situation, including the challenges and successes, in your own blog.

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Grandma was on the brink of having a meltdown—and so was I. “I just know that I’m supposed to have some cigarettes around here!” She never used to smoke in front of me, knowing that I disapproved. Yet here she was, asking me to call her friend to go to the store for her. I told her honestly, “I don’t know the phone number.” I will not help Grandma get any more “death sticks.” I remember all too well the night that she lit up a match and tried to smoke it.\r\n\r\nAre there any 12-step programs for 83-year-old grandmas with dementia? Or would they always be stuck on step one, not remembering that they did that one already? \r\n\r\nWant to know the great thing about all of this? After 60 years of smoking, my grandma had reduced her habit down to one cigarette a day by the time her dementia symptoms started appearing (just three weeks ago). She smoked the last pack she had, and now she can’t remember how to call her friend to get more. She implemented her own full proof smoking cessation program.\r\n\r\nToo bad she doesn't remember how she did it.