Next Chapter


Next Chapter

open-book-981405_640Well, I guess it's time for the next chapter of life to begin.

What to do next since Tony passed away?

All the arrangements, services and things are done. Social security and banking all taken care of.

Now to decide on what it is I want. I haven't thought about things for myself in a long time -- five years. I have decisions to make. Go back to work? Move in with my daughter? Stay where I am? Trade my car for a smaller one? Who knows?

So one step at a time and onward I go to the next chapter.

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It's a time of re-inventing yourself, isn't it. You've stepped over the threshold into a new phase. I look forward to learning from your experience and new perspective.


Please know we are here to listen as you work through the decisions, Kaz. We know that your next steps will be the right ones for you.


Hey Kaz, thanks for your update & shareing where your at with things.....miss u in chats (but I seem to get in them at off


I wonder sometimes, if I will even remember how to do it. Make decisions and choices just for myself, I mean.\r\n(((Hugs))) Like you so wisely step at a time.