Next: Done, Snowman, Festive


Next: Done, Snowman, Festive

santa-claus-567642_640Our next three words for our Community Caregiving Journal are:


You can write about each separately in three separate posts. You can write about all three in one post. You can write sentences using all three words. Or, if you prefer, you can share your prose by leaving a comment, below. In essence, you can write about the words in the way that feels right for you.

Here’s how our Community Caregiving Journal work: Every Wednesday, I’ll post three new words for you to write about. Don’t worry about keeping up every week if that seems too difficult. Just write about any of the words whenever you can. Members of can contribute by writing a blog post. (When you write posts for our Community Caregiving Journey, select “Community Caregiving Journal” as the category.) And, visitors to can contribute by writing in our comments section, below.

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Lillie Fuller

I wasn't feeling very festive but I managed to put up my tree, put the snowman under it, and the rest, I got it all done, And I survived!


I feel I am done with the holiday season, even before New Years. We have done the decorating, we have done the cooking and now I feel I'm ready to be done with the cleanup. I'll let it go for a few more days (New Years traditionally), and everything will be packed away until next year.\r\n\r\nI love snowmen, my Mom bought me a lot of them. I think I remember finally telling her to stop lol. I shared some of them with you all during #coffeewithacaregiver. Usually I can remember about when she gave each one to me, and that to me is important. I actually have many more, I didn't get them all out. I scaled back the decorations this year but I had to get out a few of my special ones that I keep in the kitchen. Those are my favorites. I think it's the combination of the sweet expressions, cuteness and of course memories with Mom. She collected Angels, so I would look for those for her and I guess she looked for snowmen for me. \r\n\r\nYou all know what a time I had getting festive this year. I barely found that jingle! But once I did, I was glad. We enjoyed Christmas, we were all well physically and happy. That's so much more than other people have. My house still looks quite festive actually. I turned Dad's decorations on earlier and I may even flip the switch to light up the outdoor decorations. Oh why not right?!