Next: Vitamin, Blanket, Prop


Next: Vitamin, Blanket, Prop

blanket-224367_640Our next three words for our Community Caregiving Journal are:


You can write about each separately in three separate posts. You can write about all three in one post. You can write sentences using all three words. Or, if you prefer, you can share your prose by leaving a comment, below. In essence, you can write about the words in the way that feels right for you.

Here’s how our Community Caregiving Journal work: Every Wednesday, I’ll post three new words for you to write about. Don’t worry about keeping up every week if that seems too difficult. Just write about any of the words whenever you can. Members of can contribute by writing a blog post. (When you write posts for our Community Caregiving Journey, select “Community Caregiving Journal” as the category.) And, visitors to can contribute by writing in our comments section, below.

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Crud, did we take our vitamin today?\r\nOne day flows into the next, \r\n making one forget from one moment to the next\r\nOops, the blanket has fallen off again and now we're cold.\r\nWill we ever warm up again?\r\nCry, cry, cry it out..\r\n what else can one do?\r\nProp up again and half a drink and a pain pill\r\nHope for the best.