No Good Deed...


No Good Deed...

No good deed goes unpunished is a saying I heard a long time ago. I do not honestly believe that every good deed has a backlash. I think for me it might be accurate if it read "No good intention goes unpunished".

My last post was about isolation and the need to get outside of our home and to relate to others by phone, chat, etc. Yesterday I took my own advice with all good intentions. In my world the word "spacey" takes on a new meaning. Under stress or not under stress I lose my car keys, my phone, important papers, cups of coffee, shopping lists...the list is long.

Prepared to go out and meet the day I realized that I could not find my car keys. I knew they were in the house but I could not find them and the more I looked the more confused and unfocused I became. I decided to call my girlfriend and see if I could borrow her car to run errands and I would look for my car keys later. Great thought. Problem? My purse was locked in my car. (smack self on forehead with palm of hand). Then I remembered. My keys have the device on them that allows me to find them with my phone. YAY! NOT!! Recently I lost my phone and have not found it yet. I bought a phone from a local vendor and I really like the phone but it is windows based and the app for the device to find my keys is not compatible with windows.  Remember that my intent is to leave the house and run errands and be out among the people of the world.

Someone gave me a ride to my friend's job. She works at a car dealership. I borrowed her car and one of the men working in the service department took a quick break to come and unlock my car. Just as I thought, no keys! But I had my pocketbook and my determination and, well, my neighbor. He does not have a car and he needed me to pick him up at a local gas station. He walked to the station but his knee was hurting him so he needed a ride. The story gets convoluted. Long story short, I picked him up, took him home, went home, found my keys deep in the crevice of the couch, took my neighbor her car at her lunch time, she brought me home, I got in my car, picked up neighbor again to go to wally world, got spacey in wally world and forgot half my items but took home half also. Took my neighbor home, went home myself and marveled at the twists and turns of the day. I no longer felt isolated and out of control. I felt happy to be home, with my car keys and some of our stuff and I smiled. One day in the bucket. One done and done well, if awkwardly. One day making healthier choices for myself.

Today I am working towards getting out again. I have my keys and my car and my purse. I have this superstition that if I do not speak a thing it cannot hear me and begin to go off the tracks. So I will not say that my day is full of good "you know whats" and maybe, just maybe, I will go unpunished. Maybe yesterday was a day that counted for two days. But, first, a short nap!

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Thanks for sharing your story. I have probably earned enough credits in spacey to have my doctorate in that arena. I have so many funny stories. Fortunately I have not been harmed nor has anyone else. If I added up the times I have lost my car in a parking lot it would be in the high numbers. Not to mention that at times I would take my mom's van and be looking for my car wondering where on earth I could have parked it. Too bad your car doesn't make a loud noise to remind you before and not after. LOL

RoaringMouse 2.0

I both remember when those days occurred...while I was pregnant and forgot my Spike's roho cushion for his wheelchair. And yet, I'm experiencing them again now for my child. Except this time....I've learned to take it all in stride, with a dash of humor and know that I can always try again another day. Hope you get your second chance!