No More Swollen Legs Here!


No More Swollen Legs Here!

ice-cream-with-strawberries-in-a-dish-with-a-spoon-mdI should be getting used to the routine.Elly feels fine but today we were at the doctor's appointment for a checkup after last week's super swollen legs I told the nurse about Elly's recent ailments. Her legs look fine in the "are they still swollen" department. Her skin is horrible!!! So much itching has caused bruising. Doctor sees the rashy legs still red and hot and says we have to see a dermatologist! Ugh! Elly won't sit or lie down with her legs up, uses the ointment liberally but without the cool damp skin as advised and doesn't use lotion for the dryness as advised. "A dermatologist won't help with compliance" screams my brain.

She hasn't told the doctor that she was doubled over twice yesterday with stomach cramps, spent the day with a scrunched face because of the pain that migrated to her back. Last evening, she had the heating pad on her tummy with the knitted/faux sheepskin throw around her body in the front. She was shaking with chills! I was running around in a t-shirt.

This morning, Elly got a cup of coffee from the kitchen, bumped the chair where I was eating, spilled a good amount of coffee on the floor and didn't even say anything! She looked down then slid her feet through the coffee on the floor. I got up and quietly cleaned up a slosh in the kitchen then the larger mess that was behind my chair. AH and I just looked at each other! This was so out of character - she ALWAYS says something about water on the floor. Her daily routine is tea in her chair, then gets up and has her hot oatmeal cereal, toast then a cup of coffee. So, I talked to her a bit before I left for work and said I would be back soon to take her to her appointment. When I got home she had not taken her pills, so I made her take them - she said she had a headache and didn't take them this morning.

At the doctor's office Elly was very thirsty which made me wonder what she did this morning. The doctor said her belly sounds were good, her blood pressure wasn't worth mentioning but her kidney function had dropped to 18% function as of last Friday's blood test. I can't imagine what the function was today with her dehydration. I asked for some comfort meds explaining NurseySister's desire to have some valium or something similar to offer Elly to help with the crampings. Doctor was not amenable. She prescribed tonic water with lemon for crampings and an over-the-counter cream for the legs/arms. We got the referral for the dermatologist and was told to call them after Monday. Well, I discovered that Elly had not eaten breakfast at all this morning which added to her feeling poorly. After I gave her soup for lunch she went to the couch and laid down for a few moments then went into her bedroom and laid down for about an hour and a half. NurseySister came over and checked on her, said that Elly's eyes were closed and she looked comfortable.

We'll see how she does over the weekend. Elly has perked up a bit and is shuffling around the kitchen making her afternoon tea. AH and I have our regular "date night" tonight. We are having issues with our tenants so we will need to strategize how to deal with them. There is never "nothing" to do around here. There is lots of dusting to do that will hopefully replace the weeding chores soon. I will make some more ice cream; we ate all the lemon sherbet last night. Ice cream makes Elly happy!

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Hi, EG -- Oh, noncompliance is so frustrating. It's like you're sandwiched between doctor and caree. I'm very up-front with doctors when my partner insists on doing things her own way, counter to what's been prescribed. Lately, so as not to agitate my partner, I've been writing memos and delivering them to the docs beforehand. :-)\r\n\r\nI hope you had a great date night and a good strategizing session. I'm sorry you've got tenant problems to deal with on top of everything else. (((Hugs)))