No Sad Songs Please


No Sad Songs Please

h other, for an extra kiss just in case there will be no more in the next moments.

It is a time for us to let go, but ever so slowly. We will not waste this day with unnecessary chores, but will make the most of it. There is a simplicity and quiet joy to this day, and a time to enjoy gratitude for the time we have to share together.

I will make the most of today.

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You have a beautiful outlook on your situation. Thank you so much for sharing it!


Only love songs for you, Don. Wishing you both a beautiful day.


This is lovely. These moments are very precious. You will always wish you had more time. Everyone should live in the present not the future and not the past. Enjoy the time you have left in this world together knowing that you will be together again in the next one. God Bless you both.