Not Gone, Just Very Busy


Not Gone, Just Very Busy

pattern-22080_640I know I haven't written very much lately, but I have a good excuse.

My mom's 90th birthday this Saturday with approximately 150 people attending. Luckily I am having it catered. But all the family get here on Thursday and Friday so the fun begins. Plus I volunteer to work at my nephew's school book fair, forgetting I have to get up at 6:30 and it's killing me. First time in ten years I have has to get up so early.

But on Monday hopefully everyone will be gone, I will have survived the party and Mom will have enjoyed it. That's all I want. She's been telling every thing she doesn't think I should do like the limo for her and her sister and three of her grandsons. I told her I didn't ask her.

Hopefully I will write again before Saturday, if not I will have pictures to share. First time in 20 years we will have all the grandchildren and great grandchildren all together. That itself is a mission that doesn't happen very often.

Have a good hump day!!!

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It sounds exhausting, but I hope it's equally fun and rewarding!


This party just sounds marvelous.\r\n\r\nI hope all goes well. I hope you can enjoy yourself and take a moment to really savor all that you've created. :)\r\n\r\nI'm looking forward to the photos!!


What a magnificent gift you are giving your mother at this time, whether she knows it fully or not (hopefully she does) plus the rest of your family who should know it. Taking the initiative is a grand talent. You are creating important memories for generations to come. Looking forward to hearing ALL ABOUT it.