Not Normal, Just Different


Not Normal, Just Different

church-cartoonMy sister and I were comparing our mornings a few days ago. She had just got her family off to church and was taking a short break herself before heading out the door. What a chore to get everyone there on time.

I, on the other hand, was purposely dawdling with our church preparations and trying to figure out ways to get us there as LATE as possible. My hubby, who has a brain injury, isn't doing too well with crowds these days, and I am trying to limit the time he's exposed to people as much as possible.

Which got me to thinking: whose family is normal? My conclusion: There is no normal--we're just different. Caregiving is a lot easier to think of in those terms.

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Yes I agree with this! Have never thought of this but it's very true


I feel the same way.