Not So Alone


Not So Alone

Deutsch: Blick über Roses und den (neu gebaute... Deutsch: Blick über Roses und den (neu gebauten) Sporthafen Datum: 09/2009 Urheber: Michael Pfeiffer Quelle: privates Fotoalbum des Urhebers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amazing what I find when I type in a subject. Anyone speak German and why is this picture related to Roses???? I told myself to rest post acupuncture, turned on machine to check out latest blogs and found such lovely validation from everyone. @kreisler and @ejourneys you never cease to amaze me in your caring and validation.

I guess this is my reply to your replies. I play piano, Native American flutes, and 'spoons' (when I feel like a good picking party :) ). Being alone is a wonderful thing when I want to get away from 'The Disease.' (Insert 'Jaws' theme here). Sometimes I feel like I'm the one who is ill. I have challenges like collecting things (that's putting it politely) or financial issues or depression. @kreisler did you say sometimes it's good to "Spin, Spin, Spin"?  Or maybe it's "Turn, Turn Turn" (The Birds). Yes!



P.S. @ejourneys I'll look into that fridge for my food sanity! :)

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Oh my EJ you never cease to amaze me with your talents! I miss listening to my own music too ( along with the food missing thing )Can't afford a new CD player so huh . . . ideas?


Il, my father was a piano teacher, so I started on that instrument <i>really</i> young! Haven't kept up with it, though. I also sing and have dabbled in recorder and lap harp. :-) My mother sang in G&S productions before she married.\r\n\r\nListening to music saves me. :-) That, and creative play.


Thanks EG maybe they missed the roses in the pic . . thanks for the translation :)\r\nil


The translation of the picture is View of roses and the newly built marina :) Must be the day for acting up Carees! Grandma drove us to intense conversation this morning about communication and how to live together! I had to tell Awesome Hubby that his speech had no effect after he left! It will be topic for conversation this evening,,, UGH!