Notes to Ourselves: Anger

pen-631332_640Late last year I launched a new section in our Forums called Notes to Ourselves, taking inspiration from a regular segment on “CBS This Morning” called Note to Self. In the segment, individuals share a note they wrote to their younger selves. On a regular basis, we'll write notes to ourselves around events and situations.

For our next Notes to Ourselves, let's write about anger. Write a note to yourself, reflecting on what makes you angry, what used to make you angry but no longer does, how you cope with your anger and what you might learn from it.

In addition, you can write about your caree's anger or another family member's anger. How do you feel when you experience their anger? How do you respond? How do you wish you would respond but don't? How does their anger impact yours?

You can write as many notes to yourself about anger as you’d like. Just create a new topic to write your note. And, anyone ( members as well as visitors) can write a note in our Forums. You also can write a note to yourself about 2015.

Write a note to yourself about anger.

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