Notice of Funeral - Before Death


Notice of Funeral - Before Death

My mom doesn't want a funeral.

None-the-less, I've been thinking about it. She's touched many lives. I'm sure a lot would attend. Mom moved from assisted living to living with me a year ago. In that time, a rumor went around her church that she'd died. The church secretary called me to get the story straight. Kind of amusing, I thought.

But then - I wonder. Why am I waiting for her to die to hear people's stories? Wouldn't they rather spend time with her now? She's on Hospice; her days numbered. Tell me. Is this a crazy thought? What if I call the church and tell them to put a notice in the church bulletin or newsletter? Something like this;

Friends of B.Z.
B., a longtime member of XYZ church is 90 now and living with her daughter, Karen.
She joyfully invites friends to visit her there.
Karen can be reached at 123-4567



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Hi Karen - I think it's an excellent idea, and I suspect your Mom would love seeing/talking with her friends.


Karen, I think that is a lovely idea. I like Mark's idea about making it for a set period of time.

Mark Mackinson

That is a Great Ideal. I kinda did that for my wife. We were already on Hospice, but she was having her 60th Birthday. I picked the Saturday after her Birthday and we had an Open House for 2 hours. (Suzie had Brain Cancer and was sleeping 20 hours a day....) But she made it through the party, had a great time... Yes It wore her out the next day, but you couldnt get the smile off her face during the party. Everyone knew it was probably the last time they would see her alive......


I LOVE this idea! I think it's brilliant!!


It is a wonderful idea. What not have it printed in next week’s bulletin?

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