Now Accepting Applications for our CareGifters Program


Now Accepting Applications for our CareGifters Program

Casandra, who received funds through our CareGifters program, cares for her husband, Marc, pictured.

As often as we can we send $500 to a family caregiver in need through our CareGifters program.

To date, we’ve sent $500 to 11 family caregivers to help  them resolve a pressing caregiving problem. We helped Kristin buy food and shoes; we helped Janet pay for home care so her husband received the care he needed as she recovered from surgery. BreeAnna used the $500 to build a ramp so her mom has easy access into the house. We helped Teri take a trip with her terminally-ill husband to see their son. With the $500, L’Tanya hired a closet organizer so her mom could enjoy a clutter-free environment. And, Gwyn used the $500 to hire help to care for her mom while she worked.

If you are in need of financial assistance, please feel free to complete an application to receive help through our CareGifters program. We help as we can and in order of most pressing need.

Recipients of our CareGifters program say:

  • When I first heard about the CareGifters Program I could not believe such a program existed. At the time I applied I was 23-year-old caregiver trying to go back to school. I was hoping to use the money to pay part of my tuition. I was unable to receive financial aid and was not give the scholarships I applied for. At the time my mom’s Cobra Insurance ran out and in order to be covered we needed to pay out of pocket. I was able to use the money I received from the CareGifters program to help my dad pay for the insurance, which was a blessing. ~ Liliana, who cares for her mom.

  • When I received my CareGift, I was living on so little that I literally had no food in the fridge and desperately needed a new pair of shoes. As a 24/7 caretaker, I did not have the opportunity to be away from the home long enough to get a part-time job. The CareGift allowed me to fill the fridge, get some shoes and pay a respite caregiver for a few hours once a week for several week so that I could get out of the house for a break, which I desperately needed in the middle of that long winter. Further, it was an emotional boost just to know that someone cared. ~ Kristin, who cared for a family friend

  • Winning the Caregifters award was like a message from God when I believed that he was leading me to get a pharmacy technician degree. The money allowed me to enroll in an online, distance learning school. I will be getting my degree in May.  I hope that this will in some way help me take better care of my chronically ill daughter. ~ Jane, who cares for her daughter

  • Even though I have been doing this caregiving thing for awhile now, since my mom became disabled in 2000, I wasn’t fully being a caregiver. That slowly changed as she got worse and needed more help. Her last big event changed things dramatically as she is now in a wheel chair, needs help standing up and the like. So we needed to build a ramp for her to get into the house. We needed lots of small different improvements around the house. We need medical supplies for her. And thankfully I found And I received the wonderful gift of caregifters. I was about to build the ramp just in time. I was able to get the random supplies we needed. This is such a wonderful program and I am so grateful that I was able to receive this blessing. ~ BreeAnna, who cares for her mom

Donations to our CareGifters program, operated through The Center for Family Caregivers, are tax-deductible.

Complete a CareGifters application.

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